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Track#NamePerformerYearDurationTimes played
0Blue Jay WayThe Beatles196703:570
1Let It BeThe Beatles198803:510
2Don't Let Me DownThe Beatles198803:351
3You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe Beatles196904:020
4I'm Happy Just to Dance with YouThe Beatles196401:590
5Don't Pass Me ByThe Beatles196803:500
6SomethingThe Beatles196903:030
7When I Get HomeThe Beatles196402:180
8Here Comes the SunThe Beatles196903:051
9I Feel FineThe Beatles198802:200
10Fixing A HoleThe Beatles196702:321
11When I'm Sixty-FourThe Beatles196702:330
12Glass OnionThe Beatles196802:180
13Get BackThe Beatles198803:140
14Old Brown ShoeThe Beatles198803:180
15Only a Northern SongThe Beatles196903:280
16Maxwell's Silver HammerThe Beatles196903:270
17Baby's in BlackThe Beatles196402:070
18Yer BluesThe Beatles196804:010
19I'll Get YouThe Beatles198802:060
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